The beginning

I love dogs since I have born. Our first dog was a female kuvasz. She was a brave watchdog. Unfortunately she was stolen because of it. After that we bought a male german shepherd Cezar. He lived beautiful 13 years with us. He was very good guard dog and the best friend. When he was 10 years old he got a female german shepherd puppy. Slowly they became very good friends. Lady had a very different behavior. She was friendly with every people and would like to played with me all the time. When she was 3 she lost. When I was searching Lady I found another female german shepherd Lisa who needed a new family. Now she lives with my father since then.

A new period has began in my life when I bought a basset hound boy in 2011, Bobó. He was always with me, he came to my working place every day. Nowadays we are learning agility. In 2012 we moved to a new house and would like a friend to him. Molly the 3 years old hovawart girl arrived in May. They very like each other. In September I adopted a 6 years old female basset hound, Manó. This three beautiful dogs with a very different nature have driven me to create the Alten Farben kennel.

With the arriving of Molly I've started to go dog shows and school. I've riched many experiences and known a lot of nice people almost hovawart friends, owners and breeders. After this I've decided I would like to breeding and training hovawarts. For my plan I needed a good puppy with excellent bloodline, right instinct and behavior. Because of Molly's nice nature and her breeder's many years experiences an Anonymus hovawart came to my pack again: Anonymus Notus Íbisz, named Jenny. Unfortunately I disapointed. Jenny's soul was hurt at the first two months of her life. I try to heal her and we work a lot. She is a very lovely dog and the best watchdog of our pack. We are learning agility.

I would like to breeding puppies who can give their family many gladness and love, like I get from our dogs.

Gabriella Végel